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Cutting Through the Crap & Clutter in Your Market

This is all about how to stand out to your market!

This is probably the best marketing advice you will read this year. Especially if you are new to marketing and you are starting to realise marketing is about more than creating a flyer or brochure.

Marketing and sales are probably the two most important aspects of running or owning a small business, in fact any business not just small ones.

You need the marketing to create interest and desire in your market but then you need the selling skills to be able to turn those prospects into customers. They go hand in hand with each other.

So this is about giving you a formula that I learnt many years ago and I work with everyday to deliver successful results to my clients. It’s something I learnt from Dan Kennedy, I’m not sure if he invented it but none the less he was the one who made me understand it.

Basically a successful marketing campaign needs three elements to make it a success. Each element is just as important as the other, but only one really needs to be tightly developed so the others can work at their optimal levels.

What am I talking about?

Well it’s called the Marketing Triangle and it looks something like this…

I want to dissect this for you so you really understand each element and how it affects the success of your marketing.

I am going to start with the market, this is really knowing what your market wants. What keeps them awake at night? What do they secretly desire? What can you help them achieve?

It requires you to do some thinking about your market, but once you know what they want from you then you can carefully craft your message around that. This way it will resonate with them when they see it. For example a real estate agent would want to resonate with people thinking of selling their home.

So their target market would be homeowners wanting to sell their home, because they are downgrading or upgrading basically someone wanting to sell real estate.

What does someone selling their home want?

Someone selling their home wants to get as much money as they can possibly get for their home.

So if the agent can understand this about his market then they could assume this is what would keep them awake at night in regards to selling their home.

This leads us onto our next topic of message.

So a good message or headline would be something like “How to sell your home for top dollar” You can see this speaks directly to a real estate agent’s market.

People not interested in selling their home would not respond. I personally like to use professionals for all our marketing writing, even for my own business, all I write is blog posts and emails. But if it involves making money then I would use a professional copywriter.

You can’t beat the pro, they create marketing messages that gets results for a living.

Once you have a carefully crafted message and you know who your market is, it’s time to choose a media that will deliver your marketing message.

I have a rule on media…if it works for your business then use it, and when I say work I mean if the numbers stack up as different medias have a different cost associated to them some cost big bucks and others are not as expensive. It’s important to analyse the medias available to you and choose which ones you want to use.

So make sure when creating your next marketing campaign you follow these principles of the marketing triangle and it will aid in its response and conversion rates.

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