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Does email marketing work?

In a nutshell business owners, Yes!

But a better question would be…How do I use email in my business as a marketing strategy so I can make more money and sales?

And I am going to cover that in this lesson packed post, but firstly let’s look at why email marketing works so well as a business tool, and why businesses are embracing it with both arms wide open.

It’s simple, email works. It is becoming very acceptable for people to receive regular emails from their favourite businesses because people like to stay plugged in to their favourite suppliers and even more so if the business offers exclusive deals or a reason to be the database of clients.

Smart business owners around the world are getting very strategic with email marketing with great offers and as a way of broadcasting a message to ideal clients that have already bought from this business before. Email offers targeted reach for brands and businesses that is cost effective and delivers a big R.O.I.

It is so much easier to get a past customer to buy from you again than it is to attract a new customer; in fact the data tells us that it costs seven times more to get a new customer than it does to get a past one back again.

Why is this? Well, it basically comes down to TRUST! People buy from businesses they trust and if they have purchased from that business before and had a great experience then they will be back to purchase again, and again and again.

Once a business embraces email marketing and develops a strategy that works for them, then it becomes a simple mathematical formula.

The Money Is In The List! All smart savvy business owners know this fact. The bigger your database of names and email addresses the bigger your opportunity to make sales. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to be good at what you do and you still need to develop a database or list of responsive prospects. But when done right, any business can use email to push to a new level.

I had the pleasure of consulting with a local business that sold alcohol, the usual stuff like wine, beer and spirits. He also had a bricks and mortar store but additionally, he  had a database of around 17,000 names and emails addresses. It was a responsive list because he made great offers and he made them only to that database.

He didn’t even offer them in store. If you wanted those offerings you had to be on his list. This is why it was so easy for him to build a large database to market to, but with each email he sent out he would sell between 450 to 750 cases of wine or beer.

A extensive amount for a small business and he emailed twice a week also.

Why was he so successful?

Because he understands what his customers want and he made it an exclusive list. Human nature tells us we love a good deal and that’s what he gave his customers, a good offer.

So how should you be using email in your business?

Well first of all you should have all your customers that have ever bought from you on a database, and you have no idea how many business owners I meet that don’t do this. Everyone that comes to your business should be asked if they want to join your email list. Tell them the benefits of being on the list. To develop a strategy for this, you need to get serious about it and get real. Don’t just read this and say “what a good idea”, take action now!

Exclusive offers work well as shown in the alcohol store’s offering, but new product releases, free stuff, even content that your subscribers will find helpful and relevant. I have even seen businesses benefit from just sending out a newsletter via email once a month or once every 3 months.

Why does email work for business?

  • Well it’s free or next to free. If you had to snail mail that same database, you could be up for thousands of dollars depending on the size of your list.
  • Email allows you to reach lots of people in a personalised way, all from a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Email Marketing is all traceable when using the right software, so you can start to see who is opening your emails, and who is reading them. You can also see who has actually clicked to see what you are offering. This is very handy when you are trying to maximize sales and profits in a business.
  • Email allows you over time to get to know what your customers like, how they behave in regards to your business, and how you can leverage and maximize each customer.

The biggest advantage that email offers is total leverage for any business, it’s cost effective, you can track the results, you can personalise each email, you email on mass so you don’t have to write each one and you can send an email whenever you want.

People will want your emails because they have opted into getting them for whatever you are offering. You can test and measure to improve performance, it is  all  traceable and you can see results immediately.

Email is here to stay and be assured if you don’t embrace it in your business then your competitors just might. Therefore, you have to worry about them luring your customers away to their store with their offerings.

So build a fence around your customers and start to protect your hard work creating trust with them, and go out and make some money from your database. Remember, they want what you got.

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