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How Powerful Can a Brand be?

So if I said the word Apple to you…you immediately think of apple mac, when apple means a fruit… If I said the word coke, you would think of coca cola but coke is actually a by product from mining.

That is power branding. Done right any business can maximise their exposure and perception in the market by following a brand strategy. This basically means that you are maximising your  position in your market place and you are not losing sales based on how your business appears.

 Although many web design agencies have a wealth of technical knowledge, many haven’t evolved past this fact.  Let’s face it, technology is cheap these days and is no longer out of reach for small business.

Technology is part of the mix these days and what lots of business owners fail to realise is that there are hundreds of ways to skin a cat, but only one or two that work efficiently. So it’s all about strategy. Also, Branding is all about strategy as well and with a bad strategy you could end up with a poor brand position.

Your markets perception of your business plays a big role as to whether they will spend money with you or not. You don’t want a lack lustre position in the market and send them to your competitors. Every business has a story to find and develop a strong marketing position.

You need to face it, we are in a completely new economy and your customers have a lot of power. At the click of a button, they can find out about you. In their eyes, if you look like an amateur, then you are an amateur.

A brand takes their market into consideration and what expectations they will have about their business. Your brand needs to communicate to your market, from a website, social media, email and even mobile marketing. Brand cross channel congruency is really important.

So you may be an established business making the move to online.

You may be a new business that needs to get their brand, position and message right.

You may be an established business which doesn’t have the right strategy.

Tom Caraccio and his team have many years of experience in helping companies from large corporations to small business owners in achieving marketing success, all built on a solid brand awareness for his clients.

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