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Is your web design company focused on your business goals?

Having a website that actually works for your business is easy to say but unfortunately not all web design companies are the same. I’m sure we have all experienced the cowboy designers or businesses that lead you a stray in regard to websites and the expected result you can get online.

So that’s why tracking of statistics and data is important in today’s digital world. In fact, if your current digital marketing company isn’t getting you to track and monitor your data then start looking for a new provider. You could be wasting a lot of advertising and marketing budget and missing out on a lot of business to boot. Website Design and Website marketing go hand in hand these days.

Before you can track a websites performance, a website is needed but it’s no longer acceptable to put up some pictures of what you do and that’s that. This type of digital profile may still be working for some businesses in a few industries but the facts state that those doing better online are producing the benefits of increased sales, returning customers, more leads and an improved level of business activity. So you may be getting some kind of result from your website but, are they the best result you can get?

However, to get a website to work, you need an understanding of your market and accept what your prospects want to see, think and feel when they view your site. We call this a message to market match. This is how you connect with your prospects and bond with them.

If you get this one thing right when designing a digital strategy, this could determine the difference from success or failure. Our clients experience great results because they understand the importance of a website that reaches out to their market and hooks them in through value and desire.

Any successful business has a strong message to market match and they follow this formula to attract new prospects to their website. They connect by means of a valuable offer, engaging these prospects through content Creation, email and then they convert the prospects again and again through trust and value.

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