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Is your website bringing you customers?

If not then you need to read this article!

Your website should be a lead/customer magnet!

The Web Design is so Important!

This is a statement I hear all the time from business owners…

“I have a website and I don’t think it has brought me too much business in the time I have had it.”

This is common in the small business market and the reasons why are many but here are a few that I think could be making business owners make the wrong assumption.

  • Many small business owners have no way of quantifying or valuing a websites performance, and what I mean by that is they don’t know how many visitors they are getting to their site, they don’t know where they are ranking in the search engines for keyword phrases and they don’t ask new customers how they found out about them.

There are many ways to track this information but a lot of business owners don’t use the technology at all or they are not using it properly.

  • The myth of the internet that needs to be understood is that a business needs more than a website to succeed. They need to have a digital marketing plan that will allow them to be found online by potential customers.

Developing a digital marketing strategy is not hard and for traditional businesses that are purely trading offline the process is easier than you think. But like anything that needs to be done correct, you need to use professionals that specialise in that particular field.

  • Many small businesses that build a website often look for the cheapest solution they can find and this gets me back to the previous point of just having a website is not the way to the top. Web design is like everything else when you cut costs you lose features and quality will drop off.

I like to say to clients that if you needed to have brain surgery for a life threatening health issue and the surgery costs $50,000 but you found a surgeon that could do it for $10,000 would you take the offer or would you want to know why that surgeon could do it so much cheaper. It’s your health and you want the best result of survival.

Web design is much the same you could find someone to build you a cheaper website but if the site doesn’t work to find you customers is that website really cheaper? This is the health of your business we are talking about. Technically it is still your survival.

The way to view this is Life Time Value of the asset, and basically how many new customers or sales do you need to cover the investment for the website.

Plus it’s always been my experience that the value of the site keeps growing and what that means is that the longer you run your site and keep refining your digital strategy the more value you get from it.

So in short, having a website for your business is not the way to take your business forward in the digital age. Today it requires constant and never ending improvement, strategy and advice and this is where the cheaper design agencies fall short.

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